Building Workers' Power in Central Carolina

Building Workers’ Power in Central Carolina

Recognizing the urgent need to support worker rights in central North Carolina, a diverse group of community activists and organizations joined together in 2014 to envision and create the Central Carolina Worker Justice Center (CCWJC).

The CCWJC is a place for low-wage workers to build the power they need to take collective action led by those directly affected to achieve racial and economic justice in Central Carolina communities. It is located in the Interactive Resource Center building (407 E. Washington St.) in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The CCWJC is a place for the empowerment of all workers—workers of color, immigrant and refugee workers, union workers, youth workers, LGBTQ workers, and homeless workers—and will be a place where workers themselves are making decisions about the direction of the Center.

CCWJC supporters are currently holding “visioning sessions” where workers can come together to talk about work and the problems they face. Hundreds of workers from more than a dozen industries have also completed surveys to share their issues as well as ideas for the worker center. Issues include not making enough money, experiencing wage theft, having no healthcare, sick leave or child care and getting hurt on the job. Workers have ideas for the center that include knowing what their rights are, creating a child care co-op, leading protests, learning organizing skills, building a coalition for worker voting power and establishing a creative sharing spot for art and poetry. We are also reaching out to and learning from the work of many other worker centers throughout the South.

The Center is open as of September 2015 with limited hours and activities that will grow and we will work together to create.

Help create the CCWJC!

The Center is an all-volunteer effort. Join us by:

  • Participating in our planning meetings and other activities (see Facebook page);
  • Signing on to become a supporter so we can include you in communications (email us for a sign on form);
  • Providing financial or in-kind contributions (email inquiries here).

Contact/stay in touch with the CCWJ

Email: [email protected]